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Just a reminder that I've moved over to my new site Dani the Girl XO and no longer post here at KaBOOM! Cosmetics.
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Blog Update

Hello lovely readers,

I have a pretty exciting update for you. KaBOOM Cosmetics is closing down buuuuut don't panic, I'm still open for business over at my new space:
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Monday, 6 July 2015

Bon Voyage!

By the time you read this, I will (hopefully) be on my way to England, wooooo! I'm heading over for a wedding and to finally see my fiancé (who has already been over there for about 2 months) again so I'm pretty damn excited! I'll be away for 3 weeks and I don't have any posts planned, mostly because I just want to enjoy the break. If the mood strikes me, I might share some of the goodies I pick up over there, yay for English shopping! 
Image from
Stay tuned for more exciting contest when I get back, don't miss me too much!

Dani xx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

MAC Nudes

Just to clarify, the title refers to nude coloured lipsticks ;) I thought that since my MAC nudes have become two of my most worn lipsticks, I'd give you a little rundown on both of them. 
MAC Hug Me

I originally went in internment to purchase Velvet Teddy, but it was sold out and ended up being sold out for weeks (more on that later). So I swatched and tried on a few nudes and ended up with Hug Me, a fleshy pink-toned nude. Hug Me is from the Lustre range and I find it last really well and is a bit more moisturising than Velvet Teddy. It's one that I like to throw on when I know I'm not going to be able to touch up because I like the way it lasts. I also like it for quick trips like running errands because it makes me look a lot more put-together than I actually am!
MAC Velvet Teddy

Since the Kylie Jenner craze, everyone seems to know about Velvet Teddy. It was a shade I wanted to try for aged but (see above) it was always sold out (thanks Kylie!). After several fruitless trips to my local MAC counter, I managed to track one down and it was the very last one in stock too, meant to be right? Velvet Teddy is more of a cool toned nude and I like to wear it with a darker brown lip liner (I like Rimmel's Cappuccino). I do find it slightly drying, so I tend to wear a lip balm or gloss with it, or even layer Hug Me over the top. 
Swatches: Velvet Teddy (top) and Hug Me (bottom)
What are your favourite MAC shades?

Dani xx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Up Range

Rimmel is quite possibly my favourite drugstore brand. Although I don't love everything they have, it's probably the brand I own the most of and I do find myself reaching for Rimmel products more frequently. The Wake Me Up range wasn't always a favourite of mine, owing to the more dewy finish, but my skin has recently become a lot less oily, so I'm enjoying reaching for some new products. Rimmel also recently launched the new Wake Me Up mascara in Australia, so I thought it was high time for a review of the whole range.
1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ($19.95) in 100 Ivory

I did a little review of this foundation as part of my Ace Yo' Base series a little while ago and my opinion hasn't really changed. Even when my skin was oilier, this foundation gave a nice glow without making me too greasy. It's the perfect winter foundation as it contains peptides and a vitamin complex to leave skin looking fresh and radiant. Now that my skin has dried out a little, this has been a regular favourite of mine.
2. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer ($14.95) in 010 Ivory

Who doesn't love a good concealer? Especially one that hides dark circles and makes you look fresh and flawless. Like the foundation, this contains peptides and a vitamin complex to help hide under-eye bags. It's a little thicker than I like in a concealer and does tend to crease if it isn't set but I love it because it really does mask the dark circles that are the bane of my existence. With this concealer, less is definitely more!

I don't think I'll ever get sick of BB creams, they're perfect for me because I love lighter coverage but still want something that's going to even out my skin tone and hide any redness or blemishes. This is a fairly new addition to the Wake Me Up range but it's a favourite of mine. I do find that it tends to separate through the day if you set with powder so I just leave it to do it's radiant, glowy thing. I also love the shade range. I find a lot of drugstore BB creams come in a range of orange shades but these are more natural, it's refreshing to see some actual skin tone shades!

This is the latest addition to the Wake Me Up range and has only been out in Australia for a few weeks. It's so new that I couldn't find a link on the Rimmel Australia website! I love everything from the packaging (which is similar to the Rimmel Argan Oil Mascara but in green), to the wand to the fresh cucumber scent. The brush is a little tricky to get used to because it's got an hourglass shape but it's good for getting into the smaller lashes. The formula is clump free and easy to layer and I think that this mascara is an all-round winner. My favourite part though is definitely the cucumber scent, most mascaras smell a lot like burnt rubber so it's a nice touch.
What are your favourites from the Wake Me Up range?

Dani xx

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Maybelline Fit Me - Matte & Poreless

Maybelline has FINALLY launched their new collection in Australia (hurrah!) and that collection includes both The Nude eyeshadow palette and the Fit Me: Matte & Poreless Foundation. I decided to take the new foundation on a road test over on my YouTube channel so head on over there to find out what I thought.
If you have any questions on the new foundation, let me know and I'll do my very best to answer them. Also, if anyone would like a review/swatches of The Nudes palette, leave me a comment too. It would also mean a lot to me if you would subscribe to my YT channel, it's still a baby channel but I'm really trying to upload more regularly and make it a fun, exciting place to learn about beauty.

Have you tried the new Matte & Poreless Foundation yet?

Dani xx

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Brush for Every 'Do

We all have hair struggles, whether it's taming a frizzy mane, trying to add volume to limp locks or just a plain old bad hair day. A lot of people think that products are the solution and while they are a huge part of it, you can't discount how important your hairbrush is. With that in mind, here's an overview of some of the new brushes from Beauty Theory, there's one for every 'do! 
A little background, Beauty Theory is the sister brand to Colour Theory (you can read my review on some of their lip products here) and products can be found at Amcal Pharmacies. All of the Theory brands are super affordable but still decent quality. Rachael Finch is also the brand ambassador and I'm pretty happy to use anything the gorgeous Miss Finch supports!
L-R: Ceramic Curling Brush, Purse Brush, Boar Bristle Brush and Paddle Brush

As someone with fine hair that tends to fall flat, this brush is my new BFF. It's designed to add volume, boost body and add a little curl so it's perfect for fine, limp hair. It's also great for blow-drying or heat styling because it's vented and it's ceramic. 

Here's the scenario: it's raining, it's windy and you're running late (because that's what always happens, right?). You rush into the nearest bathroom, only to find that your hair now resembles some sort of artistic impression of a bird's nest. Never fear, you reach into your handbag and pull out your saviour, the Purse Sized Styling Brush. This little baby is designed to be used wet or dry and had rounded ends to prevent snags. It's perfect for touch-ups as it's designed to smooth hair and add shine.

This is possibly my favourite brush of the lot, it's like your own, private head masseuse. The Paddle Brush is designed to detangle and smooth, it's perfect for slicked back ponytails. Because it has so many bristles, it's the ideal brush for tackling tangled manes.

This brush is a little bit of luxury at an affordable price. The bristles are designed to distribute your hairs oils and stimulate roots to promote healthy hair growth. It can be used wet or dry and will help give you the shiniest, most Rapunzel-worthy locks around. I have always wanted to own a boar bristle brush, there's something very classic about brushing your hair with one.
The Boar Bristle Brush in action
Have you tried any of the new Beauty Theory Brushes yet?

Dani xx

Products in this post were provided as PR samples, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Rimmel New(ish) Releases: Oh My Gloss & ScandalEyes XX-treme

I feel a little behind the eight ball with this post as these Rimmel new releases actually came out a little while ago BUT I thought that some of you might still appreciate a review. Consider it a very thorough road test!
The Product - Rimmel Oh My Gloss ($13.95)

If you've ever read this blog before, you will know of my extreme aversion to lip gloss in almost any form. I find it sticky, tacky and generally unpleasant to wear, so I had pretty low expectations for these. I'm more than happy to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by these. They are pretty pigmented for glosses (I get compliments every time I wear them) and most importantly, they don't feel sticky or tacky, they're actually quite moisturising. I guess that's because they contain Vitamin E and Argan oil, making them the perfect lip product for winter. I liked both the shades I tried (Pin Up and Ooh La La) but found they looked pretty similar when swatched, I'm definitely keen to try some of the nude shades.
Oh My Gloss swatches Pin Up on top and Ooh La La on bottom
KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives the Oh My Gloss Lip glosses:
The Product - Rimmel ScandalEyes XX-treme Mascara ($16.95)

I was expecting big things from this mascara, I was really hoping that it would be a dupe for Benefit's Roller Lash which I'm a huge fan of. The brush looks quite similar and the formula seems to have a similar consistency too. Unfortunately, I was fairly under-whelmed. The XX-treme brush doesn't seem to grab and coat as well as Roller Lash and I found the brush a little difficult to use. I did end up with mascara everywhere the first time I used it and the formula doesn't clump at all but it doesn't really give any "wow" factor. I have become a little more used to it and while it definitely isn't a dud, it ain't no Roller Lash either! I think that if you're looking for a Roller Lash dupe, it's probably as close as you're going to get.
XX-treme brush vs. Roller lash brush
KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives the ScandalEyes XX-treme Mascara:
Have you tried either of these new releases from Rimmel yet?

Dani xx

Products in this post were provided as PR samples, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Parcel by Marie Claire: Winter 2015 Edit

If you've been following me for a while, you'll already know how much I love Marie Claire's The Parcel. I think it's the best beauty subscription box currently on the market. If you want to find out more, click through to see me unboxing the latest edit

Don't forget to subscribe while you're there!

What do you think of The Parcel?

Dani xx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Top 5 Time-Saving Tips

As you may have noticed, I've been a little absent from the blogging world of late and that's because I'm juggling work/uni/travel plans/more work. Yeah, yeah, first world problems, I know! But it does mean that I've had to be a little more creative with my time and come up with new ways to save time and still look semi-decent. So here are my top time-saving beauty tips.
Image from
1. Get your brows tinted

Being both dark and bushy of brow, tinting wasn't really something I'd ever considered but after taking the plunge and getting them tinted, I am never going back! Even for someone like me with naturally dark, full brows, the difference is amazing. My brows look amazing even without any product and when I do go to fill them in, it takes about half the time. Win-win right? Lash tinting also falls into this category, especially if you have fine or very light lashes. 
Image via
Head to the Benefit Brow Bar for all your brow-tinting needs.

2. Invest in some multi-tasters

The best way to save time when it comes to beauty is to invest in products that give you two (or more) ways to use them. Think cream blushes like the Balm's How Bout Them Apples Palette, that you can use as both a blush and a lip stain. This means that you'll save time because you're reaching for fewer products to get ready with. Another great idea is the Schick Intuition Razors that have a built-in soap so you don't have to mess about with shaving foam. You can just hop into the shower, shave and go!
3. BB Cream is a life saver

I am a BB cream convert and I will sing it's praises for all eternity! BB creams and tinted moisturisers are fabulous because you can apply them using just your fingers (hello to getting ready on the train), they provide good coverage, even out your skin tone and give you a gorgeous glow. They're quick and easy to use but still make you look like you've made an effort.

My current favourite BB creams are the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream and the Too Faced Beauty Balm.

4. Dry shampoo, nuff said

Dry shampoo is God's gift to busy women who can't be bothered washing their hair as often as they probably should. My hair is blasted with enough dry shampoo to potentially suffocate an elephant but I can't get enough of it (and yes, I do realise I sound a lot like a junkie). I just love that my hair can go from bleaugh to moderately alright with just a sprite from my beloved dry shampoo. Another great tip is to apply your dry shampoo at night then brush it through in the morning for extra volume and a little more time saved.
Image from

5. Invest in a thermal water

I know it sounds a little crazy to be carrying around mini-bottle of thermal water in your handbag BUT aside from being able to potentially fool thieves into thinking you carry pepper spray, you'll also be able to refresh your makeup instantly. When your makeup starts to look cakey or your concealer starts to crease, a little spritz can save the day. Either spray directly onto your face before using a sponge or beauty blender to touch up OR spray a little directly onto a beauty blender and then wave goodbye to your creasey concealer.
Image from
My favourite refreshing spray of all time is the Body Shop's Vitamin E Mist.

What are your favourite time saving tips?

Dani xx

Products in this post were provided as PR samples, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beauty Wishlist #3

You may have noticed in increase in the number of wish lists I've been posting about recently. That's because (as usual) my income never quite managed to keep up with all the lovely makeup things I want. I also like making these because quite often, by the time I get around to going to buy a certain product, I've done so much research on it that I've decided I don't actually want it any more. It's a great money-saver! Here are three things that I've currently lusting after:

Everybody and their mother is on the contouring bandwagon at the moment! The reason I'm quite keen on this particular kit is that you get four shades AND they look like quite nice, subtle contour colours. I do like a good contour but I often find that it looks amazing in photos but can look quite harsh in person. I'm hoping that with these more subtle colours, I can get a nice contour that looks good in person as well as on camera. I'm also hoping that the shades are easy to blend and build. I currently own the Australis Contour Kit which is one of very few drugstore contour kits available in Australia at the moment, but find the contour shades muddy and hard to work with. I'm very much looking forward to the release of this baby on  June 29th at Mecca Maxima. 

I read and hear about this mask ALL THE TIME! It seems like every blogger and blogger I follow seems to love this mask so I pretty much had no choice but to add it to my wishlist. I actually got a little sample (thank you Mecca Maxima!) and I really enjoyed using it. I love that you can use it overnight and wake up to plump, hydrated skin. I'm definitely considering picking this up before I fly to England because I think it would be a really nice mask to use on the the very, VERY long flights.

3. MAC Lipstick ($36.00)

I've intentionally not mentioned a shade because I really don't know which one to pick up next! I have a 12 lipstick holder dedicated to my MAC hippies...and I currently only have 11 lipsticks in it. There is a vacant space so I'm taking suggestions as to which MAC lipstick you think I should get next.

Dani xx

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

NEW VIDEO! Just One Tag

Hi guuuuuyz,

Just wanted to let you know that the lovely Jacquelyn from Hey There Jacquelyn and I have been doing a little collaborating and today we're brining you not one but TWO new videos. The video on my channel is the Just One Tag (thanks to Kat from Kitsch Snitch for tagging me) and the second is a ColourPop Haul which you can find on Jacquelyn's channel
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Dani xx

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