Friday, 4 July 2014

Bespoque Skin Care Red Carpet Event

On the last weekend in June, I was lucky enough to be invited to a Bespoque Skincare event in Brisbane. The original launch was in Sydney and I was very sad that I wasn't able to attend so I was really pleased to hear there was going to be a little launch in Brisbane too. It was held at a Terry White Chemists (where Bespoque is exclusively available) and it was a really nice morning, with the added bonus of a jar or my very own, custom made skincare! 

The Brand - Bespoque 
Bespoque is a definite new kid on the block, marketing themselves as "the most unique and innovative products to hit the Australian market" and I have to agree that their concept is something quite special. Their aim is to create a product that has been specially tailored for your skin care needs. It feels a bit like being a celebrity, having something made specifically for you! 
The Product – Personalised Skincare by Bespoque ($36.95 - $69.95 for 50ml)* 
Creating your own little jar of magic has been made super simple by the Bespoque team. Selected Terry White Chemists have been fitted with the new interactive Bespoque cabinets to help tailor-make your skincare product. You simply move through the selection process (with the help of the lovely staff) and choose what skincare concerns you have. You can choose from a lightweight or a creamy base (I went with lightweight as I have oily skin), as well as a fragrance (Rainforest, Floriade or Unscented, I picked Rainforest). The next step is to choose exactly which skincare concerns you would like your product to tackle with a simple skincare quiz. Once you have made your selections and selected your skincare concerns, the Bespoque trained Terry White staff then disappear behind a magic curtain to mix up your personalised product and then, voila! It's all yours! You even get to choose a label colour (I went with pink, obviously!) and a name for your product too. It's a really fun process and I was lucky enough to be talked through it by the lovely Kylie from Bespoque, who is really passionate about Bespoque and their wonderful range of skincare.
This is the end result of my design process, my Little Jar or Magic is ready to order.
I loved the whole process of creating my product (which I called "Little Jar of Magic") and I love the way it smells and the way it makes my skin feel. The best part is that I know everything in my Little Jar of Magic was selected just for me! 
The Event 
Here are a few snaps from the day:
The lovely Kylie from Bespoque with one of the specially installed Bespoque cabinets.
My custom designed skincare is ready to go!
Bespoque also have a range of pre-made skincare which you can also customise to suit your needs.

I really love the idea of this product and way Bespoque have set up the whole creation experience. It feels like something really special and you get a product that you know will work for your skin, because it's been tailored especially for you. Have you popped into Terry White to pick up your own "Little Jar of Magic" yet?
Stay beautiful!
Dani xx 
*This product was provided free of charge but as always, my opinion is my own.


Me said...

This sounds great. What an interesting concept. Would love a review after you have been using it for a while xxx

dani the girl xo said...

Isn't it fabulous? I'll be sure to put up a review once I've been able to try it out properly :)

Holly Vale said...

Wow this is so interesting!
I haven't got a Terry White near me there is one closer to the city maybe I will check it out Thanks for sharing Dani!
xo Holly xo


dani the girl xo said...

It's a very interesting concept, and one that I'm very keen to share. Such a shame you do t have a Terry White nearby but I think Bespoque are planning on launching online ordering soon too.

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