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LonVitalité C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

Am I the only one who was baffled to hear that there are masks SPECIFICALLY for your eyes? I mean, I was all over face masks, but it never dawned on me that you could just target your eyes! So I was a bit bamboozled (but intrigued) when this eye mask from LonVitalité showed up in a subscription box many moons ago. I was very keen to try them out because a) I had never even heard of, let alone seen an eye mask before and b) I’ve got me some mega dark circles under my eyes!

The Brand – LonVitalité

LonVitalité are a fairly new player in the beauty industry, having only entered the game in 2009. They are a Queensland based company (yay!) who have their products formulated in Germany. The LonVitalité name has been slowly creeping into the mainstream and this year, they were voted Beauty Heaven’s Best New Face Mask of 2014 with their C4 Coconut Milk Face Mask. There are a number of Australian stockists, including both Bellabox and Lust Have It but you can also buy directly from the LonVitalité website (it looks like they ship worldwide too!). I was also lucky enough to meet Rochelle, the owner of LonVitalité at a blogger event in Melbourne recently. She’s a wonderful lady and there are going to be some very exciting developments and new products from LonVitalité in the future so watch this space!

The Product – C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask ($28.00 for a pack of 6)

The C8 Collagen Eye Masks come in individual sealed packs of 2. The packaging has a little blurb on in all about the masks and their ingredients. Because I received these in an individual packet in a subscription box, there were no actual instructions on the packet and I lost the little beauty card that came with them in the subscription box. Thankfully, they are pretty simple to work out and if I can figure it out, I’m sure the rest of you will do alright!  They’re made of a quite thin, squishy gel and they are slippery little suckers so be careful. I like the convenient individual packaging, these would be great to take away on a relaxing weekend.

Using the product

As I said before, despite the lack of instructions, I managed to figure these out pretty easily. You just need to tear open the individual packet and apply just underneath your eyes. I didn’t have an exact time frame to leave them on for so I just had a nice relaxing bath and removed them when I was done. A good tip during summer is to pop them in the fridge before use so you get a nice cooling, de-puffing effect too. They felt really nice on my skin and my under eye area seemed more plump and much softer after using these. They didn’t really help with the dark circles (I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m just a dark-under-eye-bags kind of person) but they made my eye area feel so much better.

Overall Score

The Good
Convenient packaging
Improve the overall feel of eye area
Feel nice to use
 Easily available
The Bad
Didn’t do anything for my dark circles

KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives the LonVitalité C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask:

All up, a very nice little product, I definitely wouldn’t mind keeping a stash of these in my bathroom! If they’d banished my dark circles, they would have been perfect but they scored so highly otherwise that I’m willing to forgive them. Have you tried the C8 Collagen Eye Masks yet?

Stay beautiful!

Dani xx


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