Thursday, 12 February 2015

10 Things Every Beauty Lover Has Thought

One of my goals for the blog this year was to try out some new content and to that end, here's something a little different, 10 Things Every Beauty Lover Has Thought

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1. While walking past Mecca Maxima/Priceline/any shop that stocks any form of beauty product: "I''ll just go in for a quick look"......You will then emerge three hours later with several bulging shopping bags.

2. After finishing up a really intricate and detailed bit of nail art: I need to pee....(or eat, read, brush my hair, etc)

3. Upon seeing a free gift with purchase, even if you've never even thought of buying that particular brand before: I need to buy ALL the things!

4. While browsing lipsticks: Hmmm, well this red is really similar to the 5,000 other red lipsticks I already own...but not similar enough to stop me buying it! The same mentality applies to nail polishes.

5. When preparing to go in for a winged liner look: Steady, steady! I cannot screw this us again! Deep breaths, it can sense your fear! Look fierce...ah dammit, panda eyes again!

6. When seeing amazingly flawless makeup on sales assistants or makeup artists at cosmetics counters: How the hell does he/she DO that? Do you think they would show me? Would it be weird if I asked? I'm gonna ask anyway.

7. Silently judging people with poorly applied makeup: Ewww, foundation tide mark! That lipstick? Really? Did you apply your eyeshadow in the dark...with a spatula? Don't lie, we've all done it!

8. Upon hearing about a new limited edition release: Clear my schedule! If you need me, I'll be camping outside the store until the release date and I WILL cry if I'm not the first person to get it!

9. When you feel yourself getting upset or emotional but you're wearing super expensive or totally flawless makeup: DO! NOT! CRY! Suck it up, it's not worth it, this mascara is way too expensive to waste!

10. When people ask if you really need another lipstick/foundation/mascara/nail polish:Hey, back off! This isn't just makeup, this is a COLLECTION!...and yes, I do!


Dani xo


Bethany White said...

I loved this! So many of these go through my mind. Certainly made me smile :)

Bethany |

Carmen Starick said...

Hehe, Agreed!

Catherine Macarounas said...

I loved the last one especially! My makeup isn't just for my face, it's a hobby, a way of life! haha

Samantha Newnham said...

Hahaha I have easily thought all of these things before. I love number eight. 😄

Loevens said...

Should also include something about turning your regular furniture into makeup storage for your Collection hehe. I can't go furniture shopping without thinking about my makeup... "Oooh this shelf would be awesome for my palettes" or even "ooh I can totally see this night table match that lip balm I just purchased" or is that just me? I have a problem haha.

Loevens makeup rambles

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