Thursday, 7 August 2014

Perfect Pout Products

Ladies, it’s time to talk about lips. Whether you love to wear a bright lip or prefer to keep it natural, lip care should be a high priority. If you’ve ever suffered from a cold sore or even just endured chapped lips, you will know how much better life is when you look after your lips. So I have put together a few products that will help care for your lips in the long term and leave them looking completely kissable! 

1. Santa’s Lip Scrub by LUSH ($9.95 for 25g) – This little pot of awesome is a limited edition that LUSH brings out for Christmas every year. Like their other lip scrubs, it’s sugar based but it’s a much finer sugar than either Mint Julips or Bubblegum (both of which I DEVOURED and loved). It’s cola flavoured and has these cute little (edible) silver hearts, very sweet. It’s very easy to use, you just scoop a little out on your finger and give your lips a good scrub then lick or rinse off, whichever you prefer!  Because the sugar is a bit finer, this scrub is a little gentler and there are lots of lovely essential oils to nourish lips too. I always have at least one LUSH lip scrub in my bathroom, if not more. Highly recommended for a pretty pout.

2. Glamourflage Bella Blaze Lip Balm in Honey Lemon ($13.95 for 20ml) – This lip balm was something I received in a beauty subscription box (now idea which, I never keep track). I didn’t realise they were quite so pricey until very recently but I think they are well worth it. This one is Honey Lemon flavour but it reminds me of Jaffa Cakes, it totally smells like chocolate and orange! It’s so rich and moisturising and I find myself reaching for it over and over.  It is quite long lasting, I tend to apply it before bed and wake up with lovely soft lips. It’s worth buying this just for the mouth-watering smell but it does actually deliver on the skincare side too. The packaging is also super cute, it’s a little round tin with a vintage lady on the front, LOVE!

3. Urban Rituelle Lip Balm in Mango ($10.00 for 20g) – This lip balm was also part of a beauty box, the January Her Fashion Box (yes, I remembered one!) and while the box overall wasn’t fantastic, the lip balm was one of the better products. This comes in so many delicious sounding flavours and Milkshake, Guava and Cherry are all on my wishlist. The Mango one is pretty nice too and does have a nice tropical fruit scent but I don’t know if would have immediately picked it as Mango. What I do love about this is the lovely, rich consistency. It is somehow a bit thicker than other lip balms I have tried without being gooey or heavy. It’s a lovely summery type lip balm that will guarantee lovely lips….if you can open the tin! I had huge struggles getting the bloody lid off!

4. Lip Smacker Glosses in Vanilla Coca-Cola and Sprite ($2.79 for 2.8ml, these are limited edition and were on sale) – So remember back in primary school when the most popular girl in the playground was the one with the biggest Lip Smacker collection, which she would inevitably carry around in her super fashionable neon bum bag? Well Lip Smackers are officially back on the cool list with these retro soft drink flavours! I picked these up from Priceline in their post-Christmas sales and I am so glad I did. I cherish a burning hatred for lip glosses, I find them gooey, sticky and generally unpleasant and avoid them like the plague…until I discovered these. They are clear and manage to be both glossy and moisturising at the same time and the soft drink scents are an awesome idea too. No gooeyness, goodbye sticky lips and hello to the rebirth of my Lip Smacker obsession, now all I need is a new bum bag!

Top tip – This last one is not a product but a (slightly weird) lip care tip. I was applying one of my matte lipsticks the other day and noticed how awful my lips looked underneath (happens to the best of us, even with all these products). Thankfully, I have one fail safe tip to quickly plump up and exfoliate your lips. Grab an old toothbrush, (not the one you use to brush your teeth) and either some olive or avocado oil or nice thick moisturiser, I like to use Ultrabland. Pop a little of the oil or moisturiser onto the toothbrush, hold your lips tight into a smile (channel the Joker!) and GENTLY buff the lips. Rinse off any excess and feel free to thank me for your beautiful lips.

Every girl needs to know how to look after her lips and there are a few guys who could stand to learn that lesson too! These products are just a few that can help you look after your lips, I would love to know what your top lip care products are too.

Stay beautiful!

Dani xx


Jasmine Huston said...

I seriously love your last tip! I love Ultrabland, I'm definitely going to try this next time! xx

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

Ultrabland has to be one of my HG products. It seems like a really strange too but a Ultrabland is so moisturising and gentle, it works a treat!

Veronica said...

I hear everyone talking about the Lush Lip Scrub, but, alas, my closest store is like 2 hours away.
Nice tips!

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I love the Lip Scrubs! Such a shame your nearest store is so far away but you can always order online and there are loads of DIY recipes for sugar lip scrubs too.

Veronica said...

Yeah, I use a DIY lip scrub, but I hear the LUSH ones are AMAZING. I'd pay extra for some tasty smell rather than regular sugar.

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

They are pretty awesome, I hope you manage to get your hands on some!

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