Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Nail Files - Moustache Mani

I had been wanting to do a moustache mani for ages (they look so cute!) but I never managed to get around to it. I popped into Sportsgirl one day and picked up a pack of their Stick It Nail Stickers which just happened to include some adorable little black and silver moustaches. I decided to use a pretty pastel polish for this look to contrast with the stickers. I really liked this look and I was actually a bit sad when I had to take it off

The Polish

Orly: Lollipop ($18.95 )

Sportsgirl: Stick It Nail Stickers ($7.95)

The Orly polish was one I received in my Her Fashion Box subscription, I also got Peaceful Opposition which is a sheer pastel pink with square silver glitter. I really wasn’t a fan of the colour when I first saw it but it looks amazing on. It’s a really nice formula, not too thick and not too runny and I am a big fan of the silver rubbery handle, so much easier to grip than the shiny black plastic ones. It’s opaque in one coat but I always like to use two. Overall, I really liked the polish, the only thing I didn’t like was the teeny, tiny brush (what is this, a nail polish for ants?). Apart from that, it was perfect!

Side note: I actually didn’t realise how pricey Orly polishes were until I started writing this, $18.95 is pretty damn expensive!

I lurve nail stickers! They have opened up the word of nail art for novices and those of us who have to artistic talent whatsoever! As a tip, I always like to use tweezers to get mine off the paper, much easier than fiddling around trying not to smudge your polish. On that note, make sure you wait until your nails are almost 100% dry before applying nail stickers otherwise they will sink in to the still-wet polish and probably won’t last as long. For this look, I stuck the little moustaches at the tip of my nail, alternating with black and silver. I found the stickers very easy to use and they lasted until I decided to remove my polish (about 5 days) without peeling off.

Have I inspired you to try a moustache mani of your own? They are a little bit of an obsession of mine! As always, I appreciate hearing from you guys so feel free to comment and if there are any nail looks you would like to see me attempt (I say attempt because it could end up a complete balls-up!) then please let me know.

Stay beautiful!

Dani xx


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