Sunday, 26 October 2014

Face/ (Mask) Off

The other night, I decided to take a relaxing bath and pop a face mask on. I opened up my bathroom drawer and was literally gobsmacked by the amount of face masks that I’ve managed to accumulate. I usually do a face mask two or three times a week (if I have time and am not living in my tent in the bush) but even so, I have a ridiculous amount of face masks. So I’ve decided to take you through some of the masks that I currently have on rotation in a post that I've named after a creepy/awesome movie.

Milk & Co Rejuvenating Masque* $19.99 for 100g

Milk & Co are a brand that I’ve only recently become familiar with. It was actually founded by Olympic swimmer Michael Klim and his wife, Lindy and Klim spelled backwards obviously = milk, hence the name. The Rejuvenating Masque is a clay based mask, containing an unusual combination of fruit extracts, vitamin E, rosehip oil and green tea extract, which acts as a chemical exfoliant. This masks smells absolutely mouthwatering, I often choose it when I’ve had a particularly bad day because the scent is always a great pick-me-up. The other unusual feature of this mask is the warming sensation, which isn’t unpleasant at all, but definitely takes some getting used to. I love how plump and refreshed my skin feels after using this mask, it’s a great skin and mood boosting mask!

Formula 10.0.6 No Time To Shine Oil-Absorbing Mud Mask $8.99 for 100ml

The mud mask is every oily skinned girls BFF, and this mask is no exception. The active ingredients responsible for drawing out the oils are kaolin clays and sea kelp. Like the Rejuvenating Masque, No Time To Shine also has a warming tingling sensation, but I would say that the Milk & Co version is a bit less intense. I do find it a bit too harsh to use the recommended 1-3 times a week, I usually go for once or twice a month, but it does a fantastic job at clearing up and controlling oils.

Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque $8.99 for 100ml

I love Montagne Jeunesse but I can’t for the life of me pronounce it properly, as evidenced on my YouTube channel! But back to face masks, this is a current favourite of mine. I love peel-off masks because they are just so much fun to take off! Aside from the fun aspect, this is deep cleansing pore mask with fresh cucumber and zingy citrus to get your skin back in tip-top condition. It smells to me like the Golden Circle Pine Lime cordial which is something a little different! I love the entire Montagne Jeunesse range and the Cucumber Peel-Off Masque is no exception.

GlamGlow YouthMud Masque $75.00 for 50g

Last, but definitely not least, is the cult beauty product by GlamGlow, the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Masque. I love the classy packaging on this, it makes me feel like I’m holding something precious which, at $75 a go, is fairly close to the truth! Price aside, this little baby is a pretty neat piece of kit. While I originally wasn’t that impressed, it’s definitely grown on me the more I use it. Again, it can be quite harsh, so those with sensitive skin should probably steer well clear.  I find that this works best if applied only to the T-zone, rather than used as a full face mask, it’s just too harsh for that. Like No Time To Shine, I find this mask is one that’s best used infrequently. It also comes with a warming, tingling sensation that I think is more pronounced than either the Rejuvenating Masque or No Time To Shine but it does have physical exfoliating particles (pumice), which the other two don’t. My skin always feels super clean after using this and while a lot of people don’t like the strong, almost chemical tea-tree type scent, I find it quite pleasant.

 I hope you enjoyed the foray into my face mask collection, let me know what your favourite face masks are in the comments section.

Dani xo


Tasha said...

I still haven't tried anything from Milk but the packaging is really cool! The mask sounds lovely, weird to think of a clay mask smelling yummy haha!

Tasha // shiwashiful.

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

You would just assume a clay mask smells like mud but the Milk & Co one is so delicious!

sahar said...

Cirrently I am using detox mask by dirty works I will try Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque for sure cOz I believe they work better for oily skins. Thanx for sharing quick reviews.

Sahar- The cozy fashionista

sahar said...


KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I've got the Detox Mask too! It's one of my favourites!

Jasmine Huston said...

Great picks! One of my favourites is the Formula 10.0.6 one! :)

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I only discovered Formula 10.0.6 this year and I'm sold on everything I've tried!

Kate Flint said...

Some awesome picks love! I would give up my first born for a Glam Glow Mud Mask (I may be exaggerating but you know :P )

Kate |

TemporaryPrincess said...

My favourite ever was one I got in a beauty box - Paula's Choice. Tingled, and awesome!

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I have a few Paula's Choice products but I haven't friend any of their face masks yet.

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

It would be worth it! It's a top face mask

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