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Gerard Cosmetics

I’ve been going on and on about Gerard Cosmetics for weeks now, ever since I met the CEO (Jen) at IMATS and with good reason! I am pretty new to the brand but I’ve suddenly developed something bordering on obsession (thanks Kirsty from Lipstick Addict for introducing me!). Although I only currently own two Gerard Cosmetics products, I’m more than keen to get my hands on more because I’ve been so happy with the two that I have. So here’s the lowdown on Gerard Cosmetics.

The Brand – Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics was founded by Jen Gerard who has had a huge success with her Whitening Lightning brand (someone please buy me all of these lip glosses!). The brand has chosen to go for quality over quantity by producing a small range of high quality products rather than a plethora or cheap and cheery products. After the success of Whitening Lightning, lip products are the mainstay of Gerard Cosmetics but they do dabble with other cosmetics too. Having personally me Jen and her social media manager, Nina, I can say that they are both amazingly warm and friendly and I’m happy to support the brand.

The Products

BB+ Illumination $36.00 USD for 50ml

The BB+ was one of the first products launched exclusively for Gerard Cosmetics i.e. not part of the Whitening Lightening range. The story goes that Jen was sick of dealing with a mixture of foundations, primers and highlighters so she made her own product that was the perfect mix. The BB+ can be worn alone, under foundation to give an overall healthy glow or over foundation as a highlighter. I love how versatile this is and it’s definitely going to be a favourite of mine for the warmer months. It a golden/bronze toned product with a healthy amount of shimmer and it works amazingly well as a highlighter but I also love the way it looks under foundation. It’s not too over-the-top and adds just the right amount of glow. I LOVE IT!

KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives the BB+ Illumination:

1995 Lipstick

This lipstick has seen a LOT of media coverage because it’s inspired by Kylie Jenner and was designed in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. It’s described as a “timeless” shade, reminiscent of the grunge era aka the 1990s, hence the name. The lipstick itself has quite a matte formula but it’s still quite creamy. I would describe the colour as kind of a nude/brown/mauve number and it’s meant to be the kind of shade that looks good on everyone. I’m usually a bright-lip kind of gal so I wouldn’t normally have gone for this shade but I have to admit, it looks really good on. I might just be a convert to the nude lip! The packaging is also pretty glam, it’s similar to the MAC bullets but all in gold, very glam!

KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives the 1995 Lipstick:

I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about either of these products, I’m completely hooked on both of them! As I said before, I can’t wait to try more from Gerard Cosmetics, especially from the Whitening Lightning range. Have you been lucky enough to try either of these yet?

Dani xo


Tasha said...

Gerard Cosmetics has definitely been doing its rounds on the blogs and youtube channels, for good reason I assume! These two products sound so lovely. I especially like the sound of the BB+ cream, but I do also really want to try their lip products!

Tasha // shiwashiful.

Lily said...

I have never heard of Gerard Cosmetics but they look and sound wonderful from your review! The lipstick is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! At first glance, thought it was a red lipstick. the colour combo looks amazing on our lips :)

Lisa T said...

Loving that lipstick shade, i am in love with matte lipsticks!!! it's great to discover new brands!

Multitasking Damsel Blog

Varinder Jeet said...

I have never heard of this brand ever
I love the gold packaging of the lipstick and the shade looks really nice on you
I really wish sometimes if priceline would have more brands available like this one ��

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I have noticed a definite increase in the number of people using Gerard Cosmetics, they're getting pretty popular! I can definitely recommend the BB+ and the lipstick. They also do all of the Whitening Lightning lip glosses too which I've heard good things about.

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I hadn't heard of them until I went to IMATS but they seem to be getting a lot more publicity, especially in Australia. I didn't realise how dark 1995 looked in the photo but it's definitely not a red, I think it might be my new favourite for everyday!

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

There's nothing more satisfying than discovering a great new brand and I feel really happy that I was introduced to the brand by the CEO of the company too!

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I hadn't heard of them until I went to IMATS but I'm really glad I discovered them. It's a little sad that we can't just walk into Priceline and buy this but there's always online shopping! ;)

Helen G said...

that lipstick is gorgeous!

from helen at

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Gemma Magpie said...

I am dying to try their lipsticks and glosses - they look incredible xx

Gemma |

Layla Sprinkles said...

Oooh these products look so lovely and that lipstick looks so creamy and beautiful!!! :)

Layla xx

JanuaryChokko said...

The lipstick looks fabulous!

I hope you can come check out my new blog :)

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

Now I've had a taste, I want more!!

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I love everything about them from the packaging to the products and the people behind them.

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