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Glitter Lips

When I first heard about Glitterlips, I was a little hesitant to try them out. I mean I like glitter as much as the next person, actually probably quite a bit more than the next person but I was really unsure about the concept. I don’t think I’d had that much glitter on my face since the early 90s when I got a makeup kit consisting solely of stacks of neon glitter. Thankfully for me, Glitterlips are several steps up from the makeup kit of my childhood and I was blown away by their product.

The Brand – Glitter Lips (by Beauty Boulevard)

The Glitter Lips brand was born in the UK but have recently made the leap and landed on Australian soil. Beauty Boulevard, an online boutique shopping destination, was founded by Rachel and Paula and Beauty Box Australia is the antipodean extension of Beauty Boulevard. The Glitter Lips brand is exclusive to Beauty Box Australia and has been featured in Grazia and Italian Vogue (!!!) as well as gracing the lips of Khloe Kardashian.

The Product – Glitter Lips* ($29.99 for 3g)

While the price may sound excessive for 3g of product, let me start by telling you that a little glitter goes a LONG way. Anyone who has ever spilled glitter on a carpet can attest to that. Glitter Lips comes in a total of seven shades and if you’re feeling especially brave or creative, you can even mix them up to create your own unique shade. I went for the brightest shade on offer, Molly Dolly, which is a super bright pink but Ruby Slippers (a rich red) would be another stand out shade or Diamond in the Buff (soft peach nude) for a slightly less in-your-face look. Each Glitter Lips shade comes with a bonding agent to stick the glitter to your lips and a little brush to help with application. You simply apply a thin layer of the bonding agent to clean, dry lips and wait until it’s a little tacky then pack on the glitter using the brush and you’re ready to go, couldn’t be easier!

The bonding agent

Glitter Lips claims to last up to seven hours through eating and drinking and is smudge-proof and waterproof, pretty big claims right? Well I put Molly Dolly to the test and was pretty blown away by the results. I applied my Glitter Lips in the morning and went about my regular day of eating, drinking, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, etc and Molly Dolly DID NOT BUDGE! That bitch was stuck to my face like an especially persistent barnacle. I did find the sensation a little strange at first, I’m used to lipsticks, balms and glosses where you can rub your lips together but with Glitter Lips, that feeling is just grating glitter on glitter (think nails on a chalkboard). You do get used to it and by the end of the day, I didn’t even notice it and the compliments were flowing! Glitter Lips definitely didn’t look as over-the-top as I was expecting. 
Lips with just the bonding agent
KaBOOM! Glitter Lips!
I did have a slight issue with removal (stuck like a barnacle I tell you!) but with a good oily cleanser (Ultrabland) and some gentle scrubbing, I was able to get it all off. My lips did feel quite dry afterward but it was nothing a little lip balm didn’t take care of. I wouldn't recommend Glitter Lips for regular wear as I feel like your poor lips would get a bit sick of the removal process but for fancy functions or special events where you don’t want to be running to the bathroom to reapply lippie all the time, this would be perfect!

KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives Glitter Lips:
Have you been brave enough to give Glitter Lips a go yet?

Dani xo

*This product was provided as a PR sample but as always, my opinion is my own.


Kate Flint said...

I am absolutely loving this lip product! I am thinking I might need to invest in Ruby Slippers :D Great review lovely! Mine is going up this week too! Xoxo

Kate |

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

Looking forward to your review! :)

Kate Flint said...

Thanks love! It's on the blog today from 9am :)

Jasmine Huston said...

I'm loving this!!! I definitely need to get my hands on this, I'm a huge fan of cray cray lips... this looks amazing! xx

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

If you love crazy lips then Glitter Lips are definitely for you! They are actually surprisingly comfortable to wear, you get used to them pretty quickly. And they look amazing too so that's a bonus!

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