Sunday, 16 November 2014


About 6 months ago when I first started KaBOOM! Cosmetics, I had no idea how much of my life it would take up, in a good way of course! I've ended up meeting and working with some amazing people and I absolutely love the beauty blogging community. I've also re-discovered how much I adore writing and how much satisfaction I get out of it. A few months into launching KaBOOM! Cosmetics, I decided that I wanted to explore the world of beauty journalism, so I started searching for places where I could get a little more experience and work on my writing skills. Bear in mind that I have no professional journalistic experience at all, I work in the mining industry and any writing I do for work is mainly in the form of technical reporting. After a little searching, I found two online publications that were willing to take me on board and they are....

The Australia Times Beauty Magazine

The Australia Times (TAT) is a free, grassroots, online publication with a huge range of magazines from my team at the beauty magazine to gaming, history, poetry, fiction, bridal and many, many more. TAT Beauty let me jump on board as a contributor and I've loved the experience of writing for a magazine, it's quite different to the type of writing that I do here but I'm slowly learning to find my feet. It's also a new experience for me to have my work edited by someone else! The Spring Edition of TAT Beauty has just been released so head on over to check out my article and take note of the gorgeous headpieces featured in this month's cover and photoshoot.


Stylehunter is Australia's online portal to an amazing world of on-trend beauty, fashion and lifestyle musings. There are contributors (called editors) from all over Australia and the world, it's a pretty diverse team! The Stylehunter team were nice enough to give me an opportunity to join their publication and I'm over the moon to announce that I am their new Beauty Editor. You can check out my first article for them here, new articles from me will go live every Thursday so make sure you sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date.

I never would have imagined when I started this little blog that it would ever lead to me writing for two amazing publications. I'm so passionate about writing and beauty and being given the opportunity to write for more than just my own blog has really lit a fire in me. There was always a little spark pushing me to (sorry, huge cliché coming right at you) chase my dreams but I now feel like my fuzzy dreams are developing into actual plans and I couldn't be happier.

Alright, enough of the sentimental stuff! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads KaBOOM! Cosmetics and it would mean an awful lot to me if you would check out my work at TAT Beauty and Stylehunter and let me know what you think.

Dani xx


Leah P. said...

Good job! You should be really proud of yourself! When I first started, it's just an outlet for me, a hobby on the side. I really like what I do with it, and if it ever ends up feeling like work, I'd stop. Thankfully, it's still really fun for me right now. Congratulations, and well done, once again!

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

Thank you so much! This definitely started out as a hobby for me but it's slowly growing to be a lot more and I'm really happy with the idea but I totally get what you mean. If it ever stops being fun an exciting for me, then I'll gladly stop doing it but until then, I intend to keep doing what I love!

tarliescorner said...

Dani so proud! Well Done. Style Hunter is huge in the online world and one that I frequent.

Congrats and this is well deserved!

T x

Angie said...

Congratulations lovely!! Exciting times! Looking forward to keeping up to date with your articles :) x

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

Thank you, it really means a lot to get so much positive support and feedback :)

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

Thanks so much Angie! I've got so many ideas and I'm keen to try them all out

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