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My MAC Lipstick Collection

It’s pretty hard to believe but at the beginning of the year, I didn’t own a single MAC lipstick and now I own 8! MAC are renowned for their lipsticks which come in a (wide) range of formulas and enough colours to make a rainbow jealous.  I am definitely a bright lipstick kind of gal and that’s certainly reflected in my MAC collection and I also find it hard to say no to a limited edition! 
The Lipsticks

MAC lipsticks aren’t cheap, they retail for $36 AUD each, but I’m still a sucker for them! I have three from the permanent range and five limited edition lipsticks, so I think I’m doing pretty well for myself. Here are my MAC babies.

Impassioned (Amplified) – Impassioned was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought so it has some very fond memories attached. I always get complimented on my choice of lipstick when I choose to wear this so there’s more than one reason that it’s a favourite! The shade is a very bright, almost neon, warm pink and thanks to the creamy Amplified formula, it’s opaque in one coat. I love the staying power too, although it looks like it’s coming off when you eat and drink, the pink really sticks to your lips. This is definitely a firm favourite in my collection.
Speak Louder (Cremesheen) – I would have to say that I’m still on the fence about this shade. It’s a cooler toned pink than Impassioned and not quite as bright. It’s also a Cremesheen formula, which is a little more sheer and not as pigmented as the Amplified range. It actually looks much better on than it does in the tube. I have says where I really love wearing this and days where I think, why did I even buy this? Overall, I’m still not 100% sold but I’m still glad to have it in my collection for those days where I can’t decide what to wear, it’s a pretty safe bet!

Candy Yum-Yum (Matte) – Hi, I’m Dani, and I’m addicted to bright lipsticks! Something about this lipstick just speaks to my heart. Candy Yum-Yum is a bright, blue-toned, neon pink and it’s one of my favourites. The Matte formula means bold pigmentation and good staying power, which are both winners in my book. It’s very comfortable to apply and wear and it has a really nice vanillary scent that isn’t present in all of the MAC lipsticks so it’s a little bit special. 

Heroine (Matte) – This shade, ugh, I love it! It’s just such a beautiful, vibrant purple and I think MAC did a good thing going with a Matte formula. It just accentuates the colour and the creaminess of the Matte formula gives a good 5-6 hours of wear. I didn’t realise when I bought this but Heroine is actually a limited edition lipstick so thank goodness I bought it! 
Pure Heroine (Amplified) – I was very sneaky and bought this from the USA before it made it to Australia because I was terrified it was going to sell out before I could find it. This is from MAC’s collaboration with Lorde and was inspired by her signature shade. It’s a much deeper purple than Heroine, more like a plum purple than a bright purple. The Amplified formula works really well here, giving just the right amount of glossiness. It doesn’t last quite as well as Heroine and you definitely need to use a lip liner with this shade to prevent feathering but overall, it’s a winner!  

Viva Glam Nicki (Satin) – I love the Viva Glam range because the proceeds are donated to support people living with HIV and AIDS. As the name suggests, it was created in collaboration with Nicki Minaj and the tube has her signature on it. It’s a quite pale, almost coral pink and some days I love it, some days I hate it. The Satin formula has kind of a semi-matte finish but is still a little glossy. This isn’t my favourite lipstick but I don’t have anything similar in my collection so it’s good to have.

Kelly Yum-Yum (Satin) – I know, I know, I have Candy Yum-Yum, did I really need Kelly too? The answer is yes, and not just because it’s limited edition! Kelly Yum-Yum is described as a blue-based pink but it’s definitely warmer than Candy, less neon and more fuchsia. I also love the lilac packaging with Kelly Osbourne’s signature on it. I like the Satin formula with this too, it’s much glossier. I’m not sure that I could pick a favourite between Candy and Kelly! 

Goddess of the Sea (Cremesheen) – First of all, the packing on the Alluring Aquatics range was TO DIE FOR! I absolutely love the water droplets. Moving on to the actual lipstick, Goddess is the sheerest of all the MAC lipsticks I own, it takes a few coats to get a good colour but it’s one of the most wearable shades because smudging and feathering aren’t really big issues. Colour wise, it’s described as a “dark, vibrant purple” and it’s kind of like a sheer, glossy version of Pure Heroine. This was a winter go-to lipstick for me, I think it works really well with my skin tone. 

While my MAC lipstick collection isn’t huge, I’m mostly pretty happy with the shades I own. From zero to eight MAC lippies in a year is a pretty good leap and I’ve just calculated that I’ve spent $288 on them so maybe it’s time to take a break? ....Yeah right! Let me know what your favourite MAC lipstick shades are in the comments.
Swatches (L-R) Impassioned, Speak Louder, Candy Yum-Yum, Heroine, Pure Heroine, Viva Glam Nicki, Kelly Yum-Yum and Goddess of the Sea
Dani xo


Tasha said...

The swatches look insane! Love the bright shades! I only have a few MAC lippies too, but I'm hoping to pick up more duty free. I too have a love-hate relationship with VG Nicki, I love the shade itself but it shows up a lot more pink on my skintone and just isn't as flattering. I really like mixing it though.

Tasha // shiwashiful.

Melissa Loadsman said...

I have only 2 MAC bullets, however I have 3 of the pro lip palettes which have 6 shades in each! (yet to have a play with them yet - very recent purchase!!) But my two bullets are Russian Red - love it! and Kinda Sexy which is a neutral pinky rose colour! I love it! :)

Loz said...

wow, the bright colours are gorgeous! I still shy away from brights but these really are so pretty. I still don't own any MAC lipsticks... one day lol x

Angie said...

Love your picks, I've been eyeing off Impassioned for ages but then always chickened out when going to buy it because I thought it might be too bright for me, but it is SO gorgeous I really need to grab it! Goddess of the Sea looks like it would have been right up my alley, I'm now sad I didn't get it!

Angie || the maquillage

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

I'm so jealous that you get to go duty free shopping! Definitely throw a few MAC lippies in your basket. I completely understand what you mean about VG Nicki but I have to say that it looks a million times better on than in the tube.

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

Ooh the pro palettes look gorgeous! I do love the bullets though, they look so good sitting on my dressing table.

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

I adore bright lipsticks but I'm trying to steer myself towards nudes a bit more now too, just to mix things up a bit. A MAC lippie is a great beauty investment! I got my first one after attending a MAC Techniques class, I had a ball!

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

You have to get Impassioned, it's gorgeous! Don't be too afraid of it, it's actually a really wearable shade. Aww I'm sad you missed out on Goddess of the Sea, it's the only thing I bought from the Alluring Aquatics collection.

The Made Up Maiden said...

Argh, so many pretties in one place! I'm obsessed with that last photo!

I think I really regret not buying Kelly Yum Yum. I'm a bit on the fence with MAC lippies as they can be a bit drying, but I like the Amplified lippies, the texture is more forgiving than most! Much prefer the US pricing though. :(

KaBOOM! Cosmetics said...

I'm really glad I got Kelly Yum Yum, even though it's quite similar to Candy Yum Yum, it's just different enough for me to have justified getting it!

I agree that certain MAC lipsticks can be really drying and I WISH they weren't so expensive!

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