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LUSH Volcano Foot Mask

Surprise, surprise, my love affair with LUSH continues! In this post, I review something a little bit different. It’s a mask…for your feet! If you are anything like me, apart from a pretty coat of polish, my poor tootsies are mostly neglected. I do get an occasional pedicure, but apart from that I pretty much leave my feet to it. And on the odd occasion where I do take a closer look, I am usually horrified! How did they get so dry and scaly? How can I allow myself be carted around the place on those poor pieds? Well, worry no more, thanks to the Volcano Foot Mask!

The Brand - LUSH

If you are keen to learn more about LUSH, please take a look at my post on the LUSH Skin Saviours where I did a great spiel on my favourite brand, from their humble beginnings in a beauty salon to the global success they are today.  

The Product – Volcano Foot Mask ($12.50 for 125g)

Now, I didn’t originally mean to buy this (honest!). I kind of just glanced at it, thought it looked interesting and chucked it into my (overflowing) basket. I was heartbroken when I got home and discovered that instead of a brand new tub, I had mistakenly picked up the nasty, half-used tester full of grubby fingerprints! My first thought was, how on earth have people been testing a foot mask in a shop? My second was, would they let me return it without a receipt? (Which I very stupidly disposed of, I don’t like to keep evidence of my shopping addiction lying around!) Thankfully, the lovely girl at LUSH was more than happy to replace the tester with a full size tub without any problems. And so off I rushed to treat my feet to the best day of their lives!

Using the product

The Volcano Foot Mask essentially works the same way as a face mask would, except that you (obviously) apply it to the other end of your anatomy. The instructions say to apply a thick layer, wrap your feet in plastic and wait for 10 minutes. It has a similar sensation to Deep Heat, warm and cool at the same time but its’ definitely not unpleasant. You then wet your feet, massage to exfoliate all the dead cells, wash off and proudly strut our stuff! This is a clay based mask, with anti-fungal herbs in case you’ve been hiding your feet away in sweaty sneakers all day. It’s quite thick and smells to me like tea tree oil. It’s easy peasy to use and because it only takes 10 to 15 minutes, there is really no excuse for funky feet. The only downside is that it’s quite sticky and difficult to wash off. I manage to get it not only on my feet but my hands, the tap, the shower head, my legs and the roll of clingwrap I used to wrap up my feet! It’s easy to wash off but I wouldn’t recommend using it near a carpeted area.

Overall Score

The Good 
Quick and easy to use
Gets rid of dead cells
Leaves feet nice and soft
Contains anti-fungal herbs for added benefit.
The Bad 
It’s a little messy!

KaBOOM! Cosmetics gives the LUSH Volcano Foot Mask:

Have you ever tried a foot mask, LUSH or any other brand? Let me know what you thought in the comments or drop me a line at

Stay beautiful!
Dani xx


Holly Bissell said...

This looks awesome!!!
I have never thought of lush for feet masks!!
I might head to highpoint and get myself some!!!
Thanks for reviewing!
xo Holly xo


KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

I never knew that this existed until I stumbled upon it one day, I'd never heard of it before. I really like it though, it's something a bit different and the sensation on your feet is really cool!

Bec Gooding said...

Lovely review! I've been wanting to try this for ages, so I might have to pick one up next time I'm in Lush! X

Bec | Bec & Beauty

KABOOM! Cosmetics said...

Thanks for stopping by! I definitely recommend it, it's the prefect treat for tired feet

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